Mammut RAS Rocker 18L AFD Pack

Mammut RAS Rocker 18


SVHS uses Mammut RAS Rocker 18 airbags for all our guests.  SVHS will require each guest to use an airbag.   Avalanche Floatation Devices (AFD’s) or avalanche air packs have been used in some parts of the world by ski touring enthusiasts and off-piste skiers for many years now. They have also shown up in our areas occasionally when guests have brought them on their SV Heli Skiing trip.  Tests in Europe have shown that wearing an AFD pack increases your odds of ending up on top of the debris rather than being buried in it, primarily in larger avalanches where the debris flow is turbulent.  


We review the Mammut Ride R.A.S. Avalanche Airbag Backpack from release to putting it back together.