Chris waiting on re-fuel.

Chris eyeing the LZ on top of Baldy.

Chris Templeton

Chris Templeton graduated from Bristow Academy in 1994 and returned in 2001 to obtain his Instrument rating. He now flies for Reeder Flying Service.

"I am pretty biased when I say that flying a helicopter for a living is THE best job in the world. To date, my flying has included flight instruction, tours, aerial photography, television and radio news, movie and television production, external load, fire fighting, and heli-skiing to name a few.

I have worked in much of the lower 48 States as well as Alaska. It is diversity such as this that adds to the thrill and challenge of being a helicopter pilot. Getting paid to do something that one truly loves doing still amazes me. Added benefits include witnessing and experiencing things that most other people never will, whether it is flying into an amazing sunset, participating in a harrowing police pursuit, or fighting wild land fires. Just another day in the front office."