Sun Valley Heli Ski is a customized F.I.T. tour operator that provides a variety of winter adventure packages that are focused on helicopter skiing and can also include resort skiing on world famous Bald Mountain in Sun Valley and other winter adventures, such as snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, back-country touring, ice climbing and others.  These tours can all be customized to accommodate your groups’ desires.  We generally focus on smaller groups from 4 to approximately 30 people.  We also have the luxurious Smoky Mountain Lodge, the only remote fly-in heli ski lodge in the lower 48 states.  The Lodge can accommodate up to 10 persons.  A three or four night Lodge trip is a perfect way to break up a vacation week in Sun Valley.

When it comes to customizing your package or packages, we will work with you to determine the number of days and nights  that you would like to stay in town, the accommodations that you would like, the number of days that you would like to heli ski and/or resort ski, whether you would like to enjoy the Smoky Mountain Lodge experience for a few nights and whether you would like to partake in any of the other amazing backcountry experiences that Sun Valley has to offer, such as cross country skiing, ski touring, ice climbing or snowmobiling and other related matters.

Sun Valley Heli is fortunate to be located in historic Sun Valley, the first ski area in the western US.  Ketchum, the ski town in Sun Valley, was founded in the 1800’s and is one of just a few true ski towns in the US.  It has a vibrant downtown with excellent dining, shopping and night life. 

Sun Valley Heli has exclusive helicopter access to 750,000 square acres, by far the largest helicopter ski terrain in the lower 48.  We fly  a state of the art A-Star B3e, the unquestioned king of helicopters for helicopter skiing.  The helicopter seats just four guests and a guide for an intimate 4:1 guest to guide ratio.  Our terrain accommodates intermediate to expert skiers and riders.


All rates are customized based upon each tour groups’ interests.  Please contact us directly as info@ sunvalleyheliski.com or +1 208 622 3108 for more information.