Reg and Lola Crist, enjoying the moment.

Reggie Crist

A member of the US Ski Team for ten years and one of the most accomplished X Games athletes of all time, Reggie Crist's single career goal is to ski "as much powder as humanly possible." As a retired World Cup downhiller and the only man to win the Skier X competition twice, he's already got a good start. When not on the race course, Reggie and  brother Zach are staple big mountain skiers with production companies such as Warren Miller and Rage Films. Reggie has also been featured in several adventure films, claiming first descents on the polar ice cap of Greenland, the Himalayas of Nepal, the Alps of New Zealand, and the coastal giants of Alaska.


From racing in the Olympics, to pioneering the sport of Ski Cross, to becoming a heli-skiing guide, Reggie's life and career have been shaped by the mountains.