Sara Lundy

Sara Lundy loves powder skiing.  Sara grew up in Idaho and has been a Level II certified Ski Guide since 2003, leading backcountry skiers on day and multi-day trips as well as teaching ski and avalanche courses.  

Sarah and her husband Chris recently became co-owners along with fellow guide Erik Leidecker of Sawtooth Mountain Guides. Here she combines her love of both summer and winter activities.  Staying true to their mantra, “Never leave home without your skis,” they have explored the backcountry ski terrain of Patagonia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Canada, Alaska and throughout the US.  And although Sara loves the helicopter, she has been known to solicit ski-assist transportation from trains, ski planes, gondolas, delivery trucks, ferries, collectivos and the occasional ox-cart.  After all her gallivanting,  she’s always excited to come home for a winter of face-shots in her own backyard!


Sara in her element!