Sun Valley Heli Ski (“SVHS”) takes great pride in the Helicopter skiing and riding experiences and exceptional customer service which we provide. In return, we ask that our guests understand that we must make advanced financial and time commitments in order to provide these services. Helicopter skiing and riding is a complex experience.  We ask that you understand that certain elements of the experience are beyond our control, including weather, snow conditions and skier ability levels on a particular trip.


Reservations and Payment

SVHS requires 50% of the trip cost as a deposit at the time of the reservation, with the remaining balance due 72 hours prior to the flying date. A complete reservation form and 50% deposit is required to confirm your reservation. You will also be asked to complete a Participant Release of Liability, Assumption of Risks and Agreement Not to Sue. Failure to pay the final balance by the due date will result in the cancellation of your reservation and the loss of your deposit.  There are no exceptions to this policy and your seat will be subject to reassignment if the required payments are not met.  If a reservation is made within 72 hours prior to the reservation date, payment is due in full.  Any cancellations made less than 72 hours in advance of a reserved day will result in the loss of the full amount of the daily price. Any requested changes to a reservation date, if feasible for the reservation team, will be charged a $50 per person/per day administrative fee. Reservations carried over to the next ski season are charged a 10% administration fee. Charges and credits may be placed in your account and will be subject to the policies then in effect for future usage. 

 It is important to note that it is not the responsibility of SVHS to remind you of your reservation. It is the responsibility of the guest to be on time (typically 8:00am) at SVHS’s Warm Springs office, or wherever else directed by SVHS, on their reserved day. No credit will be issued in the event of a no-show. 


SVHS will only book up to 16 seats per day.  A group is comprised of 4 guests and one guide.  SVHS will do its best to accommodate you on your preferred date(s) and the desires of your group. However, adjustments may have to be made due to weight restrictions of the aircraft and other related matters. Therefore, you may not get everybody into your desired group. Your acceptance of the terms and conditions commits you to participate on all of your additional available day(s) in lieu of your preferred dates. 

Weather Days

As a reservation holder, you are required to remain available until 11 AM on each of your available days. If your trip is canceled due to inclement weather, we will try to reschedule your trip on a space available basis. Reservations are prioritized by sign-up date.  If SVHS is unable to deliver a reserved day for any reason, we will try to roll your reservation over to the next available day. If we are fully booked and are unable to accommodate you, a full refund (less a $25 per seat credit card processing fee) will be given. You have no other obligation in the event of a day cancelled by SVHS due to weather. 


  • No refunds are issued in part or in whole for unused days due to late arrival, early departure or any other reason.

  • No refunds are issued for missed skiing or climbing due to ability, fitness, equipment failure, or personal choice. If a guest becomes injured, ill, or requests to leave the field prematurely for any reason, no refund will be made. Additional costs resulting from an evacuation or early departure from the field will be charged to the guest.

  • SVHS reserves the right to cancel any day at any time for any reason in its sole discretion. If SVHS is unable to deliver a reserved day due to the inability to meet minimum group requirements, snow conditions, or other cause subject to SVHS’s sole discretion, we will reschedule your days.

Weigh-In Policy

·       Each guest will be asked to step on the scale at our office prior to skiing, so we can accurately calculate weights and safe grouping.

·       At the elevations we fly to in the mountains, there is an upper limit group and gear weight which cannot be exceeded in order to operate safely.

·       Due to weight limitations, we reserve the right to split your group. Additionally, an individual weighing 240 pounds or more may expect to pay all or part of an extra seat.


Sun Valley Heli Ski strongly recommends that all guests carry Trip Cancellation Insurance, Trip Interruption Insurance, Medical Insurance, and Emergency Evacuation Insurance. These insurance types safeguard you against unforeseen mishaps that can occur before or during your heli vacation with us. OUR REFUND AND CANCELLATION POLICIES ARE ABSOLUTE. IF YOU INJURE YOURSELF BEFORE YOU COME OR HAVE CIRCUMSTANCES WHICH CAUSE YOU TO CANCEL YOUR TRIP, YOUR PACKAGE WILL NOT BE REFUNDED BEYOND THE TERMS OF THE ABOVE POLICIES. Depending on the carrier and the policy, such insurance is usually a small fraction of the overall package price and could reimburse you the entire cost of your trip in the event of your cancellation. SVHS recommends using Travel Guard insurance.