Come and experience the luxurious Smoky Mountain Lodge, the only remote fly-in heli ski lodge in the lower 48 states.  The Lodge has five bedrooms and can accommodate up to 10 persons. It is truly exceptional for off-site getaways of all types. If you’re looking for a remote heli ski lodge experience, it is much easier to access the Smoky Mountain Lodge, than having to deal with the long treks to get to the remote heli ski lodges in British Columbia and Alaska. We offer 3 days of Heli Skiing and 2 nights of lodging and 4 days of Heli Skiing and 3 nights lodging. All trips can be customized to accommodate our clients’ specific wishes. The Smoky Mountain Lodge terrain accommodates intermediate skier and riders.

EIGHT PERSON MAXIMUM                                   EIGHT PERSON MAXIMUM

THREE DAYS OF HELI SKIING                                                   FOUR DAYS OF HELI SKIING AND

AND TWO NIGHTS AT  THE                                                       THREE NIGHTS AT THE SMOKY

SMOKY MOUNTAIN LODGE                                                       MOUNTAIN LODGE

$72,000                                                                     $82,500


TEN PERSON MAXIMUM                                        TEN PERSON MAXIMUM

THREE DAYS OF HELI SKIING                                                     FOUR DAYS OF HELI SKIING AND

AND TWO NIGHTS AT THE                                                          THREE NIGHTS AT THE SMOKY

SMOKY MOUNTAIN LODGE                                                         MOUNTAIN LODGE

$88,000                                                                      $100,000



You will need to attend a safety briefing prior to flying with us. Attending this briefing is mandatory for all guests. Typically, this will occur at 5 pm on the day prior to your scheduled fly day. We will let you know the location of the briefing in advance. On some occasions, we will hold the briefing on the morning of the fly day. SVHS also requires that you sign a Release of Liability, Assumption of Risks and Agreement Not to Sue in the presence of a designated SVHS representative. We encourage you to read this important document prior to your briefing.


Guests will arrive at Sun Valley Heli Ski Headquarters locted at the Sun Valley Gun Club at the end of Trail Creek Road in Sun Valley at 8 in the morning of the first day. The first group will depart from HQ by helicopter to the ski and riding zone in which they will start their day in the field. The other group or groups will be taken by Sun Valley Heli Ski’s Transport Vehicles to our Baker Creek or other staging area. From there, the guests will be picked up by helicopter and taken to the backcountry to join the other group for an amazing day of helicopter skiing and riding. Lunch will be served mid-day in the field, usually in a sunny and wind protected location. At the conclusion of the day, the helicopter will ferry all of our guests to the Smoky Mountain Lodge, where they will be able to relax, sip a beverage, hop in the sauna and prepare for a wonderful dinner.


After breakfast, at approximately 10 a.m., guests will gather to prepare for that days’ heli-ski and riding adventure. Following what should be a great day in the backcountry, with lunch in the field, the helicopter will once again ferry the guests back to the Smoky Mountain Lodge.

DAY 3 and 4

After breakfast, guests will once again gather for skiing and riding.  For those guests on the three-day package, this will, unfortunately, be their last day of helicopter skiing and riding. We will try to hit different zones as we head back towards Sun Valley and civilization. For those lucky guests on the four-day package, you will once again return to the Lodge for a wonderful evening before embarking the next day on your final ski and riding day. Following this, you will return to Sun Valley and your final destination.

Trip Extras

J.Levine_2017 copy.jpg
  • Reserve a Massage at the Lodge (you must book in advance) 

  • Extended Nightly Stay Available

  • Extra Gear Shuttle

  • Basic beer and wine is included.  Premium alcohol is available for purchase