Heli Assisted Ski Touring Adventure (HASTA)  

Your chariot awaits!

For those who like to earn their turns, but are eager to explore terrain off the beaten path, the helicopter combined with the experience of our seasoned guide staff makes a HASTA tour an ideal choice.  The day starts off in the morning with a helicopter ride to a highpoint within the 750,000 acres of the Sun Valley Heli Ski permit.  From there, your guide and group will spend the remainder of the day skiing and touring back to a pre arranged road pick up point.  For an extra fee, a helicopter pick up can be arranged.  Some backcountry experience and familiarity with ski touring is recommended.   This trip requires the use of alpine touring equipment which is not provided.  Rentals through local backcountry shops can arranged. 



HOLIDAY SEASON                                                                  NON HOLIDAY SEASON

$2,050 per Group                                                                      $2,000 per Group

4 person maximum per group                                                   4 person maximum per group                                                                  

Opening Day through January 5, 2020 and

February 15th through 23rd, 2020

*Rates will increase for service into our remote terrain.