Heli Assisted Ski Touring Adventure (HASTA)  

Your chariot awaits!

For those who like to earn their turns, but are eager to explore terrain off the beaten path, the helicopter combined with the experience of our seasoned guide staff makes a HASTA tour an ideal choice.  The day starts off in the morning with a helicopter ride to a highpoint within the 750,000 acres of the Sun Valley Heli Ski permit.  From there, your guide and group will spend the remainder of the day skiing and touring back to a pre arranged road pick up point.  Some backcountry experience and familiarity with ski touring is recommended.   This trip requires the use of backcountry touring equipment. This includes alpine touring equipment for skiers and split boards for snowboarders. SVHS does not provide this equipment. If you do not have your own equipment, rentals through local backcountry shops are available.



HOLIDAY SEASON                                                                  NON HOLIDAY SEASON

$2,200 per Group                                                                      $2,000 per Group

4 person maximum per group                                                   4 person maximum per group                                                                  

Opening Day through January 5, 2020 and

February 15th through 23rd, 2020

*Rates will increase for service into our remote terrain.



 Please be sure to give yourself plenty of time for stretching to ensure a great day of heli skiing and riding. Please make sure you have all the proper gear and equipment before leaving your accommodation. We strongly recommend that you speak with our staff about your equipment to be sure that you have the proper gear for backcountry skiing and riding no later than the day before your first heliski and riding day. 

You will need to attend a safety briefing prior to flying with us. Attending this briefing is mandatory for all guests. Typically, this will occur at 5 pm on the day prior to your scheduled fly day. We will let you know the location of the briefing in advance. On some occasions, we will hold the briefing on the morning of the fly day. SVHS also requires that you sign a Release of Liability, Assumption of Risks and Agreement Not to Sue in the presence of  a designated SVHS representative. We encourage you to read this important document prior to your briefing.

7:30 AM: Call Status Line – (208.622.3108 OPT#2)

Each morning, our status line will be updated by 7:30AM. Always call this line for arrival time and location, weather delays and other information that may impact your schedule. It is your responsibility to check this line each morning.

8:00 AM: Guest Arrival – Sun Valley Heli Headquarters- Sun Valley Gun Club

8:00 AM is our typical starting time, unless you are otherwise advised by the Status Line call. The Gun Club is located at the end of Trail Creek Road in Sun Valley. It is imperative that you arrive on time as late arrivals can delay the entire group of skiers and riders.

8:30-8:45 AM:

The HASTA group of skiers and riders will likely be the first group to depart from the Gun Club. Field based avalanche Transceiver Training will take place prior to the first flight.

9 to 3:In the field:

The HASTA group will land in a pre-designated location. Upon leaving the aircraft, the HASTA gruop will enjoy a guided ski tour in a route selected by SVHS’s staff and the guide in the field. The group will continue to ski tour throughout the day until their bodies cannot take any more or the end of the day.

3 to 5 PM:

Return from skiingLots of high 5’s!