The Ed Flood Story

This winter Ed Flood called upon us to help create a memorable day for his family.  Ed wanted to take his son and wife out for a day in the Idaho backcountry, what is truly amazing is Ed is navigating through life with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS).  Good friend and guide Reggie Crist knew exactly how to create a special environment to honor this request.  What played out that day created an emotional and inspiring atmosphere for all to take in.  Thanks to Ed and his family for letting our team be a part of his incredible journey.  May is ALS awareness month, we sincerely hope you will help spread the word so we can find a cure someday.

Meet Ed Flood, an adventurous soul that is battling ALS, a terminal disease with no cure. Ed is beating the odds as he fights to stay active every day. Depending on the season, Ed can be found riding his bike or going for a skate ski work out. His physical effort and mental attitude are an inspiration to everyone around him. Learn more about ALS and how you can help by visiting ALSA.ORG